Discreet and confidential marketing is aimed at vendors looking to find a buyer for their property with as little publicity as possible. This is very usually for more substantial properties or those where a business is run from the property. It can be a worry to sellers that a property displayed on the open market may unsettle clients, which could affect the business. This is often a favoured method for marketing properties with equestrian businesses,  

We market in confidence by only discussing the property to known or pre-approved buyers. The level of marketing/discretion can be very much tailored to suit the client. This form of marketing will attract serious buyers.  It is also a very good way to avoid neighbours knowing your business, and to avoid timewasting. Our portfolio of off-market property attracts serious buyers.

If you are considering marketing your property on a discreet basis, please contact Emily Cooper-Reade. Confidence assured.

If you are a serious buyer, please contact us with your requirement. Please be aware that we will need to know your buying position and we may require proof that you have sufficient funds in place to make a purchase.


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